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About The Youth Advisory Board

Hey folks!

Thank you so much for stopping in!  You could be anywhere in the world right now, and you’ve decided that you are passionate enough about changing the world of education and impacting student achievement to stop by this site.

Started in 2006, the Board has funded more than  $28.6 million to unique, youth-led service-learning projects, affecting an estimated 16.1 million people!

The State Farm® Youth Advisory Board (YAB), made up of 30 amazing 17-20-year-old students from across the United States and Canada, has already stepped forward to lead this movement. State Farm pledges $5 million per year to this signature philanthropic initiative to address issues important to State Farm and communities across the United States and Canada. Now a little bit about the Board itself. The Board is made up of an amazing, diverse group of students selected from applicants across the United States and Canada. Even though they are full-time students at high schools and universities from Alabama to Ontario – (Roll Tide, Canada!) – Each member commits about 15 hours a month to the Board and participates in three face-to-face meetings per calendar year.

State Farm divides the United States and Canada into 8 market areas, some of which are single states, and some of which contain multiple states. For the single-state market areas, each is represented by a Board member and an Associate Board member. For the multi-state market areas, there are two Board and two Associate members. The YAB also includes two at-large Enterprise members, who can hail from any region.

What is service-learning exactly? It might sound complicated, but it’s really quite simple. Basically, it is the integrating of meaningful community service back into real classroom curriculum, and it’s a method that has been proven effective to increase student engagement and impact student achievement. If you’d still like more information, please see our ‘Partners’ tab, and check out our service-learning partners’ websites. They’ve got TONS of cool stuff over there. (But stay here as long as you want.)

Finally, who am I? I’m Cooper Kennard, and I have the extreme blessing and privilege of overseeing the YAB’s day-to-day operations.  I graduated from the great University of Alabama in May 2013 after receiving my degree in Political Science and Theatre.  In addition, I had the honor and privilege of serving on the Youth Advisory Board from 2010-2012, and am absolutely delighted to now continue to work with such an amazing group of young people to change communities throughout both of our wonderful countries.  I am humbled each day by the accomplishments and abilities of this empowered group of young people. 


Cooper Kennard

Coordinator of the Youth Advisory Board

Human Resources - Enterprise Philanthropy Team, State Farm

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