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State Farm Service-Learning

State Farm Service-Learning

What is Service-Learning?

State Farm® supports school-based service-learning because it promotes excellence in public schools. Service-learning is a teaching approach integrating service to the community with classroom curriculum through a hands-on approach. Students address community needs while strengthening their academic performance. They also learn civic responsibility and develop meaningful leadership and workplace skills. Research indicates that school-based service-learning encourages students to become active participants in their education. State Farm appreciates benefits of all service-learning programs, but focuses its support on school-based service-learning for K-12 public schools, teachers and students. We do this because public schools are the educational hub for the majority of students and one in which every tax payer invests.

State Farm has committed support to the following service-learning partnerships:

Through these partnerships, State Farm supports teachers and students ages 5 to 25 in a variety of service-learning projects.

Service-learning programs teach students about issues that have real-world importance and provide a golden opportunity for them to have a positive, direct impact on their communities by using and increasing their academic skills. State Farm-sponsored events include annual activities through our partnerships, ongoing programs, or one-time projects that address issues important to the well-being of our business and communities. Some examples include programs about financial literacy, access to higher education/closing the achievement gap, environmental responsbility, natural disaster preparedness and community safety, and social health & wellness.


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