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Jared Padgett





University of Florida

Jared was born and raised in sunny Sarasota, Florida. He spent his early years on a 17,000-acre cattle ranch, later moved to another rural area and because of this, his rural roots allowed him to have firsthand experience of what hard work and dedication is like. He joined 4-H, a youth program with a mission of "engaging youth to reach their fullest potential while advancing in the field of youth development", at the age of eight and took part in as many 4-H activities. From a young boy to a young adult, Jared has continued to make a positive impact on his community by serving and educating others through many service-learning initiatives. Jared currently attends the State College of Florida and will be graduating with an AA degree in the spring of 2013. He will be transferring in the fall of 2013 to another college in Florida to obtain a double major in Political Science and Communication/Journalism. Jared is currently involved in the State College of Florida’s Film Club, and the State College of Florida’s Model United Nations Program. Jared graduated from Riverview High School in 2011 with highest honors. Throughout his four years in high school, Jared was involved in the National Honors Society, Executive Internship Program, Kiltie Band, Speech Club, Journalism Club, and Television Production Club. Jared has headed up numerous service learning initiatives in Sarasota County, as well as throughout the State of Florida. Jared became very interested in homelessness, and created a countywide service project aimed at helping homeless families in his community that were temporarily staying at the Salvation Army. The “Family Fun Nights” he created and held, positively impacted the community, the homeless children, and the people who volunteered with this project. Community members became more aware of the problem of homelessness. Homeless children and their parents had the opportunity to participate in evenings that were fun as well as educational. The volunteers changed stereotypical views of homeless people and gained a greater understanding of how they can help people in need in their community. Jared knows homelessness is an issue in his community, throughout the United States and around the world. Jared was elected by his peers and served as the President of the Florida 4-H Program representing over 250,000 members in the State of Florida. He worked with a team of youth and carried out a statewide service-learning project called Youth Against Poverty (YAP). Jared learned about youth poverty in the Bahamas, and decided to take YAP international. He traveled to the Bahamas several times and toured schools and afterschool programs there to learn more about the needs of each area. When he returned home, he started a statewide book collection campaign, and returned to the Bahamas with a team to deliver thousands of books to the schools. These actions engaged thousands of people from across the State of Florida through a service-learning program that taught youth about other youth less fortunate. In his free time Jared enjoys traveling to new places throughout the United States. He is a licensed Washington D.C. tour guide and readily takes friends and family members to the nation’s capital for weekend trips. Jared is very involved in the local Republican Party and has met and talked to influential people including Mitt Romney and Donald Trump. He enjoys attending local events and benefit fundraisers. Jared loves going with friends to the movies, bowling or to Siesta Key in Sarasota; rated the #1 beach in the United States.