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Generation tXt - The New Generation of Safe Drivers

Generation tXt - The New Generation of Safe Drivers

Issue: Driver Safety

Grant Amount: 63,914.00
Tulsa, OK
Year Funded: 2011

Contact Information

Carol Bush

Generation tXt is a multi-faceted youth led service-learning project initially funded by SFYAB in February, 2010.  The project design is based on extensive research of previously successful campaigns waged against drunk driving and promoting seat belt use.  The primary goal, to reduce crash and near crash in young teen drivers, will be achieved through a three step plan: 1.  Education of peers (novice drivers) and their parents, with outcomes measurement to determine best strategy; 2.  Legislative advocacy for universal bans (and local enforcement) on texting while driving ; and 3.  Widespread, coordinated, culturally appropriate media campaign (internet, television and radio) to include messaging in English and Spanish.

Many of our new members said they were recruited by the really fun WinIt! Event last spring.  They are excited to plan the upcoming Win It event on April 7.

Our newest member says, “I went to the presentation at school last week.  It was very informative.  It inspired me to join Gentxt.  This is my first meeting.  I had a blast!”

Most members speak highly of our presentations out in the community.
  “I really enjoy that we get the word across to them (the audience at Oklahoma Driving School).”
“I am becoming a more confident speaker.”
“ I like being able to take a stand on something.  I think it is important that we are having an actual affect on the community.”

Four seniors attended the National Teen Distracted Driving Summit in October.  All agree that “we enjoyed meeting other people who have the same goal we have.”  All have commented on meeting two teens, who have experienced a fatal or near fatal car crash due to texting or other driving distraction.  “The impact of meeting those teens is extraordinary.  Thanks to the brave teens who spoke to us that weekend.”

The Booker T. Washington High School assembly on December 2 was planned and executed by our senior Gentxt members.
“It was really great to lead the assembly—there were 600 freshmen and sophomore students in attendance.”
“I initiated the move to making a more teen friendly power point presentation.  We all really love the new, fresh look!”
One freshman commented, “We speak to about 50 people at the driving school, but seeing 600 people in our high school auditorium was COOL!”
We had two freshmen performing on stage at the assembly.  Kudos for a job well done in front of your peers!!

The website committee is dedicated to making new entries at least once a month.  This fall we added a section called, “Gentxt Member Posts.”  It’s like a blog where we comment on some newsworthy item.  We hope our other gentxt members will start writing and posting on this new section of our website.  Our Facebook page is being managed by Moriah.  We are proud of you!!

The research committee is continuing with the simulator study.  Three of the teens submitted an abstract to the Pediatric Academic Society.  They were accepted and will present their findings in Boston this spring!

Several members are still talking about the awesome daylong filming experience this past summer.  The Hip-Hop upbeat anti-texting while driving video is still being aired on all local stations!!

Gentxt hosted a booth at the Annual Statewide STUCO meeting.  We took one freshman, our educational materials, and an XBOX with the newest FORZA game.  We had the most popular booth with teens from all over the state standing in line to try their luck at texting while driving the race course.  It was a huge success—no one could text and drive!!!  We knew that!!!

AREAS of INTEREST for the future of our campaign:
#1 in popularity:  Speak out more at other high schools, community organizations, youth groups.  We will need to get permission to be able to miss school to accomplish this, because most presentations would be during school hours.  We could try to go to STUCO meetings, which may be after school.

#2:  Recruit more members

#3:  Reach out to our parents’ generation

#4:  Hold more public events

#5:  Get phone companies to support our message

#6:  Partner with local businesses

The Win It Event is happening on April 7 with a goal of 500 teens attending.  We have 10 local high schools competing for prizes and money for their student groups to bring the most teens to the event.  The best part is our pormotional video which is on our website:


Project Updates

Win It 2012!

Win It 2012!

On April 7 we held the second annual Win It event at OU-Tulsa. We had 250 guest from 15 area high schools.  We brought in nationally recognized Think Fast game - multi-media MTV style game show promoting driver safety strategies and yet fun pop culture trivia.

Participants also visited teen designed booths to play games like Distract a Match, Fact or Crap, Ping Pong with drunk goggles, air hockey while texting, XBOX driving game, remote car race while texting, walk the line with drunk goggles, and many more.  The purpose was to have fun and yet show that the brain cannot multi task nor can you trick it into walking straight or texting while completing a task.  Guests who participated in every booth were entered into a contest for grand prizes including a Kindle Fire, iPad, Bicycle, and gift cards.

Gold Leaf awards and scholarships to Savannah Nicks, Elena Beene, Mattie Lippe, MacKenzie McCoy – all Gen tXt-ers!

We are losing our co-founders as they are graduating and off to college. Many of our college bound teens wrote essays on the  service learning component of the Gen tXt project and were awarded scholarships!  We are very proud of our teens and the work they have accomplished!

a. Cameron Richardson – OSU School of Architecture
b. Elena Beene – Vanderbilt
c. Savannah Nix – Tulsa
d. Moriah Vanderburg – William Jewell
e. Glade Inhofe – Duke
f. MacKenzie McCoy – Colorado State
g. Kyla Rhodes – Wheaton
h. Mattie Lippe – SMU
i. Sahara Shadgoo – OU Pre-Med
j. Chris Franchi – OU or TU to play baseball
k. Michael Cunningham – North Carolina
l. Pranav Kaul– George Washington University in DC

With our grant funds we purchased a simulator which has been used to demonstrate to teens that a driver cannot successfully complete a simulated drive while texting.  Our first original research study adds unique knowledge to the field of texting and driving about the youngest drivers on the road and that hiding a cell phone from law enforcement did not make that impairment worse.  On April 29th, our teen led research was presented by one teen co-founder and study author at the prestigious Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Annual meeting.  Our study is titled “The Impact of Texting on Driving Performances among Teenage Drivers”.  The abstract is published and received a coveted press package with national and international media coverage of our message.   These data are also relevant to the development of public policy.  The data will be published in full format in publications that will give us wide (international) readership and influence.

Check it out:
Just to name a few of the 50 some-odd publications that our teen research was featured!  Amazing!!!!

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