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Good Neighbor, Good Shade

Issue: Safety (Neighborhood Assist)

Vero Beach, FL
Year Funded: 2012
Organization: The Buggy Bunch

Contact Information

Kelly Sartain 1-855-FL-BUGGY

To protect children from the risk of skin cancer and promote sun safety at neighborhhood parks

A little shade will go a long way in bringing neighbors together and protecting children from the epidemic of skin cancer. Throughout Vero Beach, there are beautiful parks, but no shade above playground equipment. This exposes children to harmful UV rays and renders playgrounds unusable much of the year. Young kids spend a significant amount of time outdoors during the highest risk period of the day. On an uncovered playground, they are easily vulnerable to overexposure. By receiving the $25,000, we could provide shade protection structures for 25% of the city’s parks as well as signage with QR codes providing the most up to date educational information about how to guard against sun damage. The protection devices will last between 15-20 years and the signage will potentially affect 2 or more generations of children as they learn preventative measures. In addition, with reports that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer, the effect on the general population would be immense.

Project Updates

Soon there will be Shade!

A park has been chosen!  It was hard to narrow it down because Vero Beach has so many beautiful parks, but since Jaycee Park has some brand new equipment AND because the sunshades structures are built specifically for that equipment, we feel this is an excellent choice.

It's also fitting that the park is next to the beach and our goal is to educate folks on how to protect themselves from the damaging rays of the sun!

Pending approval by the city, the shades will be ordered and built.  It takes 9 weeks to build these systems, but once we get them, Vero Beach will be SO happy.

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