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Kids Helping Kids!

Issue: Education (Neighborhood Assist)

Melbourne, Florida
Year Funded: 2013
Organization: Nerve2Serve, Inc.

Our mission is to empower, educate and mobilize local students in the fight against childhood hunger.

The childhood hunger crisis is an urgent cause due to its damaging effects on educational, physical and social development in children.  While approximately 2 out of every 5 Brevard County, Florida, students are receiving free/reduced cost school lunches, the nutritional and hunger needs remain unmet at dinnertime, weekends, and throughout the summer.  One of the primary reasons for this mission is to address hunger needs that remain unmet when school is not in session. This healthy food assembly and packaging project will feed hungry children within the local community.  At the same time, this mission offers the opportunity to raise awareness and educate our youth and members of our community about the level of need in our area.  This mission is a win-win project in that it reaches well beyond the provision of meals alone.  These meals represent hope for better days and a sense that others in their community truly care about them.  The Nerve2Serve students working on this mission take with them a renewed sense of compassion for humanity and civic-mindedness.  They also learn about themselves and how to use their own talents/gifts in serving others.  And they finish with a sense of accomplishment in knowing that they have made a worthwhile contribution to the good of those around them.  The lasting impact would come from the fellowship of volunteers from all walks of life working together for a common, and worthwhile goal.

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