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Miracle League of JC

Issue: Community (Neighborhood Assist)

Smithfield, NC
Year Funded: 2012
Organization: Miracle League of Johnston County

To give special needs children a chance to play baseball on an organized team.  To play in a safe environment free from typical obstacles.

School systems are facing tighter budgets and in many cases, budget cuts.  Physical education opportunities are one area being cut and many special needs programs are being eliminated in favor of main-streaming.  The Miracle League of Johnston County will provide an opportunity for kids with any disability, mental, physical, or emotional, to play baseball on a team of their very own.  Recreational leagues try to include these children but many disabilities can’t be accommodated on regular fields.  The goal of the Miracle League of Johnston County is to build a special designed synthetic turf field that is free of obstacles that prevent kids with wheelchairs, walkers, or other assistive devices from playing.  The field and the league will serve a special needs population of over 3,000 kids in Johnston and surrounding counties.  The field, coupled with an inclusion playground will be a first class facility for families with special needs children to enjoy for generations. 

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