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PACEM Shelter

Issue: Community (Neighborhood Assist)

Charlottesville, Virginia
Year Funded: 2012
Organization: PACEM Emergency Cold Weather Homeless Shelter

To engage the community of the greater Charlottesville area in providing shelter, compassionate support, and access to services

Currently there is very little in the way of shelters for homeless in the central Virginia Area.  PACEM provided shelter for 229 people last year during the cold weather months when the chance of freezing on the streets was a very real concern.  PACEM also works with people to find a long term plan to get out of the trap of being homeless.  $25,000 would help guarantee that the shelter could open again next year.  PACEM utilizes almost 3000 local volunteers as well as trained staff to shelter up to 75 adults a night in local churches and schools.  It rotates and has no permanent home base.  The budget is tiny and the organization has only 1 full time employee.  Having $25,000 would go a long way in the organization and possibly help provide more help working with people to get jobs and homes beyond the shelter

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