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The Tool Library

Issue: Community (Neighborhood Assist)

Bloomington, Illinois
Year Funded: 2013
Organization: West Bloomington Revitalization Project

To empower homeowners with knowledge and tools to improve housing conditions within the community.

The Tool Library supports West Bloomington revitalization efforts by providing tools at no charge to members of the community. On the west side of town, houses average 100+ years old. Repairs and maintenance are not only needed there; many homeowners don’t have the necessary tools to keep up with this and many can’t afford them. Those people may have a hard time justifying spend money on a tool that will only be needed every number of years. For those who might be a little unfamiliar with tools we have workshops and actual hands on practice in the community through service learning. Our current partnership with the West Bloomington Revitalization Projects (WBRP) Housing project lets neighbors, college students, and volunteers learn how to complete various projects in the community. The impact will be on going with this project. We hope to continue growing our tool inventory and member usage so that the community relies on us for home improvement projects. We plan on using our tools, workshops, and volunteers to help the Housing project develop, giving the community knowledge and a stronger network base for such projects. The impact can be as great as the community makes it.

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